Im Tired Of Blogging

Posted on 8:39 AM by Isaac | 0 comments

In creating this blog its i was really just a way for me to get some use of being a poli sci major in analyzing politics and the world around me. That and frankly my at the time my friends had heard my analysis to the point of nausea. Blogging seemed natural. I had a good thing going. I was able to track my growth, get in the habit of putting my thoughts down and I was able to meet much greater minds than myself. However as my own personal politics began to evolve i've noticed that i have less and less to say b/c i seem to be repeating myself and becoming increasingly critical of the conscious community that i was so happy to be apart of a year ago. The blueprint of what we need to do has been throughly laid out. The evidence to support those actions is copious. I've been thinking about what we need and how to get the ball rolling and i have come to the conclusion that what we need isnt another writer or social/cultural/political commentator (or athlete or entertainer or poet no disses though unless of course you mad then i would advise you reevaluate how u spending your time).

We need do-ers, people who are going to enact the plans and strategies necessary for our success.

Im gonna go hang out with them some. I have said before that there isnt an established paradigm for blackness that exists beyond theory. Aside from many of the inappropriate behaviors that hamper our ability to move as we need to.

so with that said this is the probably the last post of this blog. Thanks for reading following promoting. Hopefully i given some of you something to think about.

Thank you sincerely