I Can No Longer Call Obama a Good Man with a Bad Job

Posted on 11:56 AM by Isaac | 0 comments

the presidency has always been a bad job. the president consistently is getting the heat for something at all times and usually with good reason. Many people don't realize that that blame should be equally shared by congress. Its a democracy its comes with the territory. Understand the intricacies of what it means to be president and what governing in general entails (making compromises) and dealing with a reactionary white supremacist patriarchal Christian electorate i was inclined to cut a lil slack.

But after these FBI attack on the anti war folks i can no longer stand by an attitude of Obama being a good man with a bad job. A constitutional lawyer at least one interested in preserving that constitution in a human way would not be okay with silencing dissent. Look at net neutrality, Shit look at the obama administration want to assassinate american citizens w/o any due process. If this isn't Cointelpro i dont know what is. Granted Obama did reaffirm the patriot act. Add this upon the merely cosmetic changes in social justice issues. It would seem all that noise about change was just that, noise. It seems that Obama is another war machine feeding half stepping politician more concerned w/ political expediency of his party than whats right.

disappointed yes. surprised no.

Thats hope for you