Beer Summit

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*walks in...sits down*

*pulls a red stripe out of the cooler*

Listen after reading All the information on this issue. I think this has more to do with power than it has to do with race.

Now dont get me wrong there were oppressive forces at work here. but the culprit is abuse of police power in my opinion rather than race. This contradicts and earlier post i made called This Is Why We Turn To Drunks And Chain Smokers. Given the circumstances you really cant blame me. But now that theirs new information i can revise that statement.

Anyway I think it went down similar to this

When the police were called in response to a break in and first engaged Gates asking for identification and such im sure he was a lil (probably more than a lil) condescending because after all he was in his own house. Now Gates is old school black intelligentsia his formative years were back when official state sponsored racism was the thing to be doing. Think about Gates is from West Virginia originally and is half white. So he got it from both sides. On one side he got it from the black community because he was half white and he got it from the white community because he wasn't white. So im sure much of this colors his interactions.

Now im sure given the situation gates had some unsavory things to say and the police take exception to being treated in such a matter because they the police and they feel as though they should be respected.

Now because this encounter happened in the home and Gates was arrested on disorderly conduct there are 3 possible ways this went down.

1. Gates was arrested within the confines of his home. Which is private property. Disorderly conduct is a offense against the public. Which would make that arrest illegal.

2. As the Officer was leaving amicably Gates follows the officer and continues to berate him. Then the arrest for disorderly conduct is made. Legal arrest

3. The officer was pissed because of what Gates said and baited Gates to get him outside so he could make an arrest to get the last word.

Im going with option 3.

Now the beer summit I think is a great idea. Get two people together to talk out their difference is a wonderful example. I think keeping out the media from this initial meeting is also an excellent idea because of the fact that it has been a circus and Obama doesnt want the media to ruin a positive moment. I think after this little summit thing is over with if there is progress made Gates and Crowley will have press conference or something discuss what happened.

But uh ill just be waiting for the coverage till then.